Caliper spray

Product index: L346CE
Barcode: 5906534012968
  • Description

    High temperature caliper paint formulated with high quality resins. It creates a durable protective coating, works anti-corrosive and ensures the unique appearance of  brake calipers in your car.

    1. Use for caliper painting with or without disassemble.
    2. Clean the surface with a sanding paper of 240-360 grade prior to painting.
    3. Degrease surface.
    4. In case of painting without disassemble completely mask all the surrounding parts.
    5. Shake the can for 2 minute before use.
    6. Apply 2-3 coats from the distance of 20-30 cm, with 10 min. intervals. Do not allow the product to coat friction elements, cables and moving brake parts.

    Drying time 30-60 min, full cure 12h at 20°C.


    8 amazing colors
    - energizing orange
    - racing red
    - royal gold
    - bright blue
    - sparkling silver
    - brave yellow
    - deep black
    - crazy green