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K2 brand

A company from Poland that has delivered several hundred million products to over 90 countries worldwide? Over 25 years ago it seemed unbelievable. This is when our adventure with the automotive industry began. The beginnings were modest, but thanks to the openness of our first customers, we managed to create the K2 brand.
Thanks to enthusiasm, passion and perseverance one of the most important brands of car chemistry and cosmetics was created. Appreciated all over the world.
Today, K2 is a brand of nearly 1000 products addressed to automotive enthusiasts and professional users. The offer includes, among others, car cosmetics and fragrances, brake and cooling liquids, fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oils, as well as products for professional use in the workshop, autodetailing salon, car wash or car paint shop.

K2 Quality guarantee

Experience has taught us that good products are only made if you know the needs of those who use them well. We test new products in workshops at home and abroad. Everyone is manufactured with attention to the smallest details. The crowning achievement of our efforts at every stage of production and distribution are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. This is how we build mutual trust.

Modern technology

K2 products are manufactured using the latest technology. Investment in innovation and persevering work of the development and research department results in a constant increase in the quality of products introduced. Modern production lines are able to deliver products meeting the highest world quality standards.

K2 Logistics

Every day we make an effort to deliver the desired products to users quickly. A modern and advanced logistics system helps us in this. Warehouse with tens of thousands of pallets and optimized logistic processes allow us to issue hundreds of thousands of K2 products every day.


From the very beginning, the K2 brand was designed as a global brand. Perseverance and many years of striving for the goal has led to the fact that today the brand is present in more than 90 countries worldwide. We have already delivered over 200 million products to domestic and international markets.

Quality certificates

K2, a manufacturer of automotive chemicals, has ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certificates, which confirm the high technical and quality standard of the products supplied. Meeting the requirements of restrictive quality standards translates into high and repeatable quality of the manufactured assortment.

Awards and distinctions

The effect of effective actions, carried out continuously for many years, giving at the same time constant development of the company is to honor the company and the K2 brand with prestigious awards. K2 products have won awards at international innovation and invention fairs.

We are regularly awarded the Gold Medal of the Consumer Laurel Competition. More details on the awards and distinctions for the K2 brand can be found here. Received awards and numerous distinctions are a confirmation that our products are positively received by users.

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