Product index: G425
  • Description

    K2 Auron Cleaner Strong leather cleaner in 1L economic capacity. That’s the same product, we’ve already introduced within K2 Auron Strong set. For use together with foam applicator to reach the optimum effect.

    K2 Auron Strong – the best option for various old and heavy neglected leathers. Designed for cleaning extreme dirty and unrestored leather upholsteries of seats, steering wheel and other parts of car inside. Perfectly restores attractive look of leather upholstery, which has never been cleaned. We recommend to use K2 Auron Strong with K2 Auron Brush and K2 Bona microfiber.

    K2 Auron Cleaner Strong – cleaning foam with enhanced power. Particularly designed to remove very old and heavy dirt. Best possible cleaning results and short time of use are key advantages. Specially dedicated for professionals where the time of cleaning process is a significant factor. Because of its enhanced cleaning power it is enough to use the product once – for regular use we recommend K2 Auron Cleaner.

    Key factors:

    • removes dirt and stains
    • for new and older leathers
    • provides long-lasting protection against abrasion and cracking
    • no leather oiliness effect
    • perfectly removes even stubborn dirt from leather upholstery