Interior dressing

Product index: D5095
Barcode: 5906534017383
  • Description

    A gentle combination of two worlds. Wherever the gloss ends, and neither the matt begins – we find Satin, with a subtle, delicate and royal finish.

    K2 SATINA PRO is a plastic care product for the interior of a car. It restores the original look, providing a gentle, non-imposing effect of slight darkening and color enhancement. It perfectly emphasizes the texture and structure of the material, bringing out in the foreground what is most beautiful.

    The surfaces to be treated as a result of contact with the product gain a satin finish, without excessive gloss or greasy coating.

    Interior dressing K2 SATINA PRO is ideal for the care of all kinds of plastics, vinyl or rubber.

    The unusual recipe has been enriched with carefully selected antistatic additives, limiting the build-up of dust and dirt. The accompanying solid barrier of UV filters protects the interior of the car against degradation. It is thanks to it that noble materials used in modern car interiors maintain their original, attractive appearance for longer and age slower.

    The product was created for car cosmetics enthusiasts and professional users in detailing studios.

    It is offered in 4 aromatic varieties. The work with it is enriched by a symphony of fragrance in 3 different versions:

    • aromatic Blueberry

    • energetic-citrussy Energy Fruit

    • refreshing Sunset Fresh

    K2 SATINA PRO is also available as a fragrance-free version for car interiors where the driver's favorite fragrance is already present. The Fragrance-Free version does not interfere with the fragrance notes already present in the car and does not mix with them, leaving the smell sphere unchanged.

    K2 SATINA PRO it's more than Wow.


    1. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned or directly onto microfiber, e.g. K2 MOLI.

    2. Spread the product and wipe with microfiber.