Gelly wheel cleaner

Product index: D1001
Barcode: 5906534017109
  • Description

    K2 ROTON PRO became a bestseller even before the first bottle left the production. Specially designed, with unique formulation – this product will delight everyone who’s got an opportunity to face any challenge with dirt on wheels. Dreamlike and uncompromising. Born from passion and experience. That is K2 ROTON PRO.

    K2 ROTON PRO  is an excellent wheel cleaner with “bleeding wheel” effect. Outstanding consistency of gel spectacularly removes dirt from aluminum, chrome plated and painted wheels.

    Thick layer of gel easily eliminates sludge from brake pads and road dirt. Red “bleeding effect” proves chemical reaction with dirt, showing cleaning efficiency and allowing to control cleaning process.

    Powerful, efficient and safe for painted elements, rubber or plastics. It has got neutral pH and can be also used as deironizer for cleaning painted elements from metallic contaminants.

    What is more, we have replaced characteristic fragrance of this type of products with delicate cherry scent to make K2 Roton Pro even more comfortable in use.

    In case of heavy dirt it’s recommended to use K2 ROTON PRO  with K2 Detailing brush.