K2 PROLOK WB-03 50g

Retaining compounds

Product index: WB03
Barcode: 5906534020598
  • Description

    High strength anaerobic adhesive for preventing loosening of coaxial parts, especially those exposed to vibrations, impacts and pulses. For assembly of bearings, bushings, shafts, gears, cylindrical connections. Suitable for use in connections made of all types of metals.
    Directions: Clean and degrease the surfaces of the joined elements thoroughly. Apply the adhesive over the entire circumference of the element to be joined. In the case of loosely fitted joints, it is recommended to cover both the joined surfaces with the product. After applying the adhesive, proceed to assemble the elements immediately. Wipe off excess adhesive. Allow assembly to cure for 30 minutes before handling. Full bond strength after 24 hours (72 hours for aluminum). Disassembly is possible after heating the joint up to 200°C and applying tools. 

    Color: Green
    Breakaway torque: 
    25-41 Nm
    Viscosity: 100 – 150 cPs
    Max. gap fill: 0.2 mm
    Fixing time: 15 min
    Full durability in 20°C: 24 h
    Temperature range: -50°C ÷  150°C