Paste to restore clarity of headlights

Product index: L3050
Barcode: 5906534014313
  • Description

    K2 LAMP DOCTOR - paste for machine or manual renovation of headlights. Very quickly and permanently removes scratches, matting, discoloration and yellow coating. The lamps look like new after using it. It is also suitable for polishing plexiglass surfaces, e.g. motorcycle fairings, windows in trailers, boats and planes.


    Mechanical polishing: 

    1. It is recommended to cover the edges of adjacent surfaces with a protective tape.

    2. Very damaged headlights before polishing, matt with 2000-3000 paper.

    Hand polishing: 

    1. Clean and degrease surfaces (e.g. with K2 T6 KLINET cleaner or glass cleaner). 

    2. Apply the paste with a sponge or microfiber and polish until it has a gloss and a smooth surface.

    3. Clean surfaces with microfiber.

    Tip: To protect the headlights against yellowing and tarnishing again, we recommend using K2 Quantum synthetic wax.

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