Product index: K607
Barcode: 5906534941404
  • Description

    K2 ALASKA is an instant window defroster. It can handle even the iciest windows. The formula based on active nanoparticles dissolves ice and frost from glass very quickly, leaving the surface transparent, smooth and without scratches.

    In addition, it will facilitate the removal of frozen wipers and protect them against subsequent freezing.

    K2 ALASKA will make subsequent icing on the windows easy to remove, creating a non-stick coating on them.

    K2 ALASKA is a product that has been helping drivers for 15 years. Very easy to use - just spray the icy glass.

    Completely safe for varnish and rubber components such as window seals and wiper blades. Works even up to -70 ° C.


    1. Part the snow layer down.

    2. Spray on the frosted glass layer.

    3. After melting the ice, immediately wipe dry with a cloth or wipers.

    4. Use a scraper to remove thicker layers of ice.

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