K2 Roton and Roton pro – what are the differences between K2 and K2 Pro cosmetics

Car cosmetics includes dozens of products for various purposes which may seem mind-boggling to an inexperienced user. We have decided to explain the differences between the most popular K2 cosmetics

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Diesel Particulate Filter – this term is known by almost every car owner with a diesel engine made after 2000. Ecological European standards for exhaust emissions (which aim to limit

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How to polish a car and how to give your car that mirror finish?

To make the clear coat shine like new, or even more, it’s necessary to repair it. Even the best waxes, won’t get us near the results of such a procedure.

Cleaning injectors using K2 Diesel Dictum

One of the most important elements of modern diesel engines is the high-pressure direct fuel injection system Common Rail. Because of this, engines are so energy efficient. On the other